School organisation and planning of school places

Information about the number of schools in East Riding of Yorkshire, pupil numbers and the principles used for the planning of school places.

How does the council plan for the number of school places that are required?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has a statutory responsibility to ensuring that there are a sufficient number of school places for children resident in East Riding of Yorkshire.

The council recognises that although it has the responsibility for the strategic planning of school places, changes can be made to schools, including the opening or closing of schools, by bodies other than the council – for example academy trusts and governing bodies of schools where the council is not the admission authority.

To ensure a sufficient number of school places, we forecast pupil numbers for 17 ‘school planning areas’ across the East Riding, representing the communities in which children commonly travel to school. We then compare the number of available school places against these forecast numbers to determine whether there is forecast to be an under or over supply of school places for local residents.

In order to meet its statutory duty, and to ensure that the council and any other bodies considering making changes to the provision of school places have information on which to base their decisions, the council also prepares a School Place Planning document. This document is used alongside annual data, for reasons including formulating and agreeing on the Schools Capital Programme, or when examining any proposals for any changes to existing schools or proposals for developing new schools. It includes: 

  • the background to educational provision in East Riding of Yorkshire and the current position in terms of the numbers and locations of schools
  • the historic numbers of pupils registered at schools
  • the forecast numbers of pupils for each area; and
  • the principles that the council use when planning any changes in the supply of school places. 

Whilst our forecasts are updated and reported to the Department for Education for the purposes of national planning annually, we plan to review the entire School Place Planning document in 2021. The current document can be accessed below:

School Place Planning Framework (pdf 39mb)

For any specific queries or for further information please contact the school organisation officer:

Email: schoolorganisation@eastriding.gov.uk

What proposals are being considered for Hornsea Burton Primary School?

At its meeting on 14 December 2021, East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Cabinet approved the publication of proposals to extend the age range of Hornsea Burton Primary School.

A copy of the public notice and full proposals can be accessed below:

Hornsea Burton Primary School - Signed Public Notice to Extend Age Range (pdf 83kb)

Hornsea Burton Primary School - Full Proposal to Extend Age Range (pdf 198kb)

A paper copy of the notice and proposal can also be obtained from:

School Organisation Officer
Pupil Services
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
County Hall
Cross Street
HU17 9BA.

Tel: (01482) 392100

Email: schoolorganisation@eastriding.gov.uk

Within four weeks from the date of publication of this proposal, any person may object or make comments on the proposal by sending them by email to, or by post to the contact details given above. 

Objections or comments should be received by the School Organisation Officer by 4.30pm on Friday 11 February 2022.

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