DEFRA Funding Announcement 19 August 2016:
Programme suspended to NEW applications until further notice.
Government will make a further announcement following the Autumn Statement expected mid to late November 2016.
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Case Studies

Below are a number of LEADER+ case studies for information and best practice. 

Revitalising the Riding

The rural East Riding of Yorkshire is an area of great contrast. Geographically, the mix of wolds and coast makes it a place of striking natural beauty, while its market towns and historic churches are a window to the area’s rich cultural heritage. Yet, like many areas of rural England, the East Riding of Yorkshire faces a number of important challenges that threaten the social, economic and environmental prosperity of its local communities.

Download Revitalising the Riding case study.


Delegated Grants Projects

This case study takes a different structure to the others in this evaluation report. This is because the case study was undertaken for a particular purpose: to examine the effectiveness of the programme’s three delegated grant programmes, with a view to identifying good practice and informing the Leader+ second stage submission. As such, it is more of a comparative analysis of the three programmes (INTO MiTOWN, Small Initiatives, Churches Tourism Initiative), and focuses on processes rather than outcomes.

Download Delegated Grants Projects case study.


Enterprise Village

The Enterprise Village project aimed to create a culture of economic prosperity to rural business by providing a platform for rural diversification to showcase new and successful 78 businesses. It established a dedicated tented village at the Driffield Agricultural Show for new and new start businesses to exhibit to an established footfall of 25,000 local visitors and businesses. The Enterprise Village was run for a total of six years. This exhibition space was available to new businesses, for up to three years. Initially it was free of charge in the first year, and then on a sliding scale of charges for the next two years.

Download Enterprise Village case study.


Country Houses Estates

The East Riding of Yorkshire boasts three historic county houses; Burton Constable, Burton Agnes and Sledmere. It was recognised that through working in partnership the three sites could share best practice, improve the area’s cultural offer and recruit more visitors to the East Riding of Yorkshire. The LEADER+ Programme was identified as the catalyst to facilitate partnership activity as well as lever in additional funding from other public sources. The three historic country houses were cultural assets of the rural East Riding which were not delivering to their full potential, economically or culturally.

Download Country Houses Estates case study.



The LEADER+ Development Plan aims to create employment through building capacity,promoting community activity, developing new enterprise,improving skills, enhancing local heritage and supporting village and town services.

The rationale for this project was that although there is already some provision for generic business support on a one-to-one basis, there is limited support for groups and networks; an approach specifically designed to build capacity.

Download COMBINE case study.


M32 - East Riding of Yorkshire Church Tourism Initiative

To promote church tourism, encourage a greater understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the distinctive cultural, historical, architectural and environmental heritage of the Churches of East Yorkshire, with a view to preserving and enhancing the churches as an important part of the local area’s built and cultural heritage.

Download Church Tourism Initiative case study.


M33 -  Wetland Mammals and Their Habitats 

An increase in the distinctive local countryside, wildlife, landscape and cultural and architectural features enjoying protection and enhancement.

An increase in the sensitive and sustainable uses of environmental and cultural resources for economic and recreational purposes.

An increase in the range of level of environmental knowledge and skills of people living in rural areas: and an increase in the knowledge of the countryside among people who visit it.

Download Wetland Mammals case study.



The project aims to provide improved public, community and alternative mode transport links between the East Riding of Yorkshire market towns of Pocklington, Market Weighton, Driffield, Hornsea and Withernsea and their surrounding rural hinterlands. The five towns have a population of c30,000 and are located on the Yorkshire Wolds and Coast. They have suffered from agricultural decline, and the decline of traditional tourist activity in the coastal zone.

Download INTO MiTOWN case study.


M41 -  St James Warter – A Wolds Heritage Centre 

Establishing a centre for heritage and culture of the Yorkshire Wolds, and the promotion of local heritage tourism, in the former church of St James Warter, a historic listed building.  The Yorkshire Wolds Buildings Preservation Trust own the church and are leading on this 3 year project.

Download St James Warter case study.