DEFRA Funding Announcement 19 August 2016:
Programme suspended to NEW applications until further notice.
Government will make a further announcement following the Autumn Statement expected mid to late November 2016.
Visit this website for the latest information.
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Leader Plus


‘Funding for innovative and sustainable solutions to local rural development issues’

What is LEADER+?

'Liaison entre actions de développement de l’économie rurale' is a European Community Funding Initiative (2000 - 2006).

In the East Riding of Yorkshire, LEADER+ aims to assist rural communities to:

  • Improve the Quality of Life

  • Make the Best Use of Natural and Cultural Resources

  • Generate economic prosperity


Wolds View
Wolds View

LEADER+ seeks to develop and implement innovative and seeks to develop and implement and sustainable solutions to local rural development issues. Local Communities are encouraged to develop and test new approaches through projects that will:

  • Build capacity and encourage joint working between communities

  • Support and develop new enterprises, drawing on the potential of the natural and cultural heritage, to create employment for local people

  • Help people get new skills and access local employment opportunities

  • Increase the use and viability of key rural services, such as village shops, pubs, post offices and village halls

  • Enhance and conserve the natural built heritage

  • Build the vitality of market towns

Skidby Mill
Skidby Mill

Where is funding available?

Encompassing the peripheral parts of the Wolds and coastal areas, the LEADER+ Programme covers 1,390km2/933 square miles, and has a population of 95,732 people.

How much is available?

The LEADER+ Local Action Group (LAG) Partnership has representatives from the local community and economic sectors and is responsible for delivering the programme (total value £3million).

Funding is available for up to 65% of eligible project costs for small-scale, innovative projects targeting:

  • Unemployed and underemployed

  • Rural businesses and workers affected by

  • Rural restructuring

Market Weighton
Market Weighton

UK and Transnational Co-operation Projects

Additional money is available for co-operation and networking projects between UK groups and across Europe.

Project Examples 

  • Hidden Holderness: community tourism initiative

  • The National Byway Heritage Cycle Route: Holderness and Flamborough Loops

  • INTO Driffield: an innovative community transport initiative

  • Village Histories & Heritage Initiatives

  • Support for Market Towns

  • Community Involvement & Capacity Building

  • Woodland Planting & Sustainable Products

  • Enterprise and Network Development

View a summary of the LEADER+ programme achievements in the 'Revitalising the Riding' case study.