DEFRA Funding Announcement 19 August 2016:
Programme suspended to NEW applications until further notice.
Government will make a further announcement following the Autumn Statement expected mid to late November 2016.
Visit this website for the latest information.
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What is Rural Capacity Building?

The CWWW LEADER Programme supports rural projects via a Local Development Strategy.  The Local Action Group is a group of volunteers from a variety of sectors such as Agriculture, Business, Local Authority and Voluntary.  It s the LAG that has commissioned the Rural Capacity Building Project to help build the capacity of our rural communities.

There are 2 Capacity Building Officers providing support over the whole of the CWWW LEADER area.  Nicola Duggleby provides support focused in the Southern Wolds, Holderness and Howdenshire area and Nick Butterworth is based in the Northern Wolds, Ryedale and North Yorkshire area.

Nicola Duggleby Staff Photo
Nicola Duggleby Rural CB Officer
Nick Butterworth Staff Photo
Nick Butterworth Rural CB Officer

"Nicola Duggleby is responsible for the Southern LEADER area and Nick Butterworth is responsible for the Northern LEADER area.  Both are committed to ensuring that we deliver a suite of excellent projects related to heritage, culture and the environment. We are very proud of their achievements"      Kath Wilkie, LAG Chair

The Officers provide development training and project support to the LAG, applicants for funding and funded rural project activities. In addition the officers provide targeted support for areas that have not benefited from LEADER funding in the past is a recommendation from Defra. 

Capacity Building promotes governance structures and mechanisms can help facilitate greater rural community engagement.  Capacity Building also enables local rural communities and community-based organisations to have a meaningful voice in shaping the future of rural areas.

The Capacity Building Project reports to a Steering Group, which is made up of LAG Members and representatives from RAY and from ERYC.

"Thanks to the CWWW LEADER Programme we have two Rural Officers providing rural Capacity Building support to our clients and their projects as part of the Rural Development Programme for England."

Paull Church Group with Nicola Duggleby
Paull Church Group with Nicola Duggleby

Rural Capacity Building has proved to be an essential part of the LEADER Programme.....,

"Without the help and guidance of Nicola Duggleby, LEADER Rural Capacity Building Officer, our heritage project would not have happened. 

As a fledgling community group we were able to discuss our aspirations during our initial meeting with Nicola who encouraged and hand-held us through the application process to the launch of our Riverside Pop-In Cafe and Heritage Trail at the Church."   Paul Cross, Treasurer, PCC St Andrews Church, Paull.

Latest News!!

August 2012 saw the re-establishment of the Malton and Norton Trainers Open Day in partnership with Beverley Racecourse.  The event returned to Malton and Norton due to demand from Trainers and the Public, after a 10 year absence!

Malton and Norton Stables Open Day 2012
Langton Road, Malton and Norton Stables Open Day 2012
Malcolm Jefferson, Newstead Stables, Norton
Malcolm Jefferson, Newstead Stables, Norton
Tim Etherington photo
This VIDEO shows Tim Etherington of Wold House Stables, Norton talking about the Racing Industry
John Quinn, Malton Stables Open Day 2012
John Quinn, Malton and Norton Stables Open Day 2012

Social Media Training

Nicola Duggleby organised a Social Media Training Workshop for some of the LEADER area's local food and accommodation providers.  The course was extremely well attended and provided each delegate with either a twitter account, facebook page or wordpress blog - all who attended felt they had gained a new skill and have continued tweeting and facebooking! 

"The LEADER Social Media and Website Workshops provided for the Local Food Network proved to be one of the most successful around, judging by the feedback from the LEADER area Local Food Producers" Ed Sweeting, Rural Business Advisor

The Capacity Buidling Project aims to run further courses in Spring/Summer 2012.


Bee Keeping in Ryedale and Beverley

Nicola worked with Ryedale and Beverley bee keeping groups to provide them with a British Bee Keepers Association 'Course in a Box'.  This enables the groups to run bee keeping training courses to a national standard.

Ryedale Beekeepers Course in a Box
Ryedale Beekeepers Course in a Box

"We very much appreciate your support with the course in a box training material.  We have about 20 would be beekeepers due to embark on a course in October and availability of resources such as this make preparation and delivery of training so much easier"  Wendy Maslin, Beverley Beekeepers Training Office

If you have an enquiry regarding a project in the Wolds, Holderness or Howdenshire and you think that our Rural Officers maybe able to help you, please contact the Rural Programmes office on 01377 208410. For email addresses and other numbers visit the Contact Page

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